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Unreal City book – a handmade artist book – is an object related to the pricipal idea of the photographic series. It’s specail binding with the thick gray cardboard reminding us of concrete stone, is in harmony of what we are about to see in the pictures. The choice of leaving the book without any cover, or spine creates an unfinished form. The text on the front is in french, and on the back, in persian, which makes the book readable in both sides.





hannah_darabi_unreal_city_book_coversFront & back covers




Unreal City Book exists in numerous public and private collections, in particular the Bibliothèque Kandinsky (Centre Pompidou, Paris) and the Bibliothèque nationale de France, (Paris). It was also selected as « Best Photobook of 2010s by young photographers » of the japanese photo magazine, IMA.